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Advanced Sport Lead // 2021

Know how to sport lead? Ready to take the next step and start your mindful leading journey? Projecting climbs can be a well thought out process that involves toproping to get the moves in, mock leading, pinkpointing, and lead falling. Take our Advanced Sport Leading class to hone how to catch and fall, stick clip a route, use belay goggles, and explore mindfulness/visualization in climbing. 
Application:  Closed
Dates:  Aug 7th Sat 8am-2pm
Location: TBD (most likely Exit 38 or 32 off I-90)
Tuition:  $160 - 200 (sliding scale, scholarships available)
  • Introduction to Sport Leading from Climbers of Color
  • Took Climber of Color’s Rappelling Clinic
  • Able to lead a 5.9 sport route cleanly
  • Introduction to Trad Leading from Climbers of Color
  • Able to lead a 5.9 sport route cleanly
  • Knowledge of how to properly use a belay device for lead belaying
  • Knows how to tie oneself in to the rope for climbing
  • Can perform safety checks before climbing
  • Knowledge of sport anchors
  • Actively cleans sport anchors off a route
  • Able to lead a 5.9 sport route cleanly
Syllabus & Gear List (PDF)
*NOTE: Quickdraws ARE required
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We partner with Miyar Adventures to run our programs, therefore we follow Miyar Adventures cancellation policies

Meet the Instructors


Crystal Hudelson


Keith Murakata