Intro to Our Courses  // by Daniel Kim 

Mountaineering & Ice Climbing Courses


Mountaineering Leadership 1

2 days

Transition from hiker/backpacker to mountaineer. Gain the skills to climb easy-to-moderate mountaineering objectives like Ellinor, Adams, and Shasta.


Ice Leadership 1

3 days

Learn the basics of ice climbing. This course will teach ice climbing skills and movement, in addition to rope skills and anchor building.


Mountaineering Leadership 1

5 days

Learn a diverse array of skills including trip planning, mountain navigation, backpack camping, basic snow and glacier skills.


Mountaineering Leadership 2

4 days

This course will expand the skillset for the beginner mountaineer to prepare them for expeditions on PNW volcanoes such as Rainier and Baker. 



2 days

Learn the basics of avalanches, avalanche terrain, decision making, and companion rescue.

Rock Climbing Courses

Mountaineering Leadership 1

2 days

This course  covers mountain navigation and will allow you to climb easy-to-moderate mountaineering objectives like Ellinor, Adams, and Shasta.

toprope-Jay Tarife.jpg

Intro to Toprope

1 day

At the end of this class, each student will have a clear understanding of all the elements of toproping - how to climb while your anchor point is above you at the top of the climb. 


Intro to Trad

1 evening + 1 day

Learn the art of placing your own gear for protection on climbs. Our trad climbing course will include gear overview, setting gear, anchors, and rope management. 

ascending-crystal hudelson.jpg

Ascending for Photography

1 evening + 1 day

Join us to learn about belay device types and proper operation, types of ropes, anchors, rigging a fixed line, ascending off the ground, and hanging for photography.

sport leading-lorenzo carlos.JPG

Intro to Sport Leading

1 evening + 1 day

Whether you have been climbing for a while or are new at toproping, this class will teach you the fundamentals to get started lead climbing outside.


Intro to Bouldering

1 day

This intro course will provide all the skills you will need to boulder outside whether it's for the first time or you have only been a few times.


Intro to Routesetting

1 day

This introductory clinic provides a glimpse into the setting process, and also gives students a chance to set their own boulder problems.


Advanced Sport Leading

1 day

Take our Advanced Sport Leading class to hone how to catch and fall, stick clip a route, use belay goggles, and explore mindfulness/visualization in climbing.

Intermediate Bouldering-Luis Salazar.jpg

Intermediate Bouldering

1 day

For the climber who is familiar with outdoor bouldering and wants to take their pebble wrestling further.

Flash Clinics


Flash Clinic: Cracknique

4 hour workshop

Learn hand jams, fist jams, and foot placement while ascending a crack. Take this in conjunction with our Intro to Trad Leading for a well rounded intro to traditional climbing.


Flash Clinic: Guidebook Interpretation

4 hour workshop

Help! Where's the climb?? Join us for a general education on guidebooks and associated resources to understand how to locate your desired climbing area.

Crystal 4-1.jpg

Flash Clinic: Rappelling

4 hour workshop

Join us to review about belay device types and proper operation, types of ropes, and anchors. Then actually rappel!


Flash Clinic: Hauling for Routesetting

4 hour workshop

Review ascending ropes and learn how to hauling gear to set routes for sport climbing.