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Guided Climbs

One of the most photographed mountains in the world, Shéqsan, has bewildered humans since time immemorial. Tearing across the sky, the jagged jewel-like summit is a pyramid atop numerous glaciers atop vast waterfalls and alpine lakes. With the neighboring Kulshan complementing the stature of Shéqsan, each is deeply rooted in Northern Coast Salish culture. Climbing either mountain, any two-legged visitor will travel through the forest, sub-alpine, and finally into the alpine. Once you travel here once, you will be back in sequential years to come. 


Shéqsan has two primary routes, both of which CoC offers guided trips this year. The most common route up is the Sulphide Glacier. Beginning on the mountain's Southside, climbers will work through the forest and quickly sneak through a passage below Shannon Ridge, gaining the foot of the Sulphide Glacier. Striking camp just below the ablation zone, campsites on this route have tremendous views of the East side of Kulshan, one of the world’s highest waterfalls flowing from the Sulphide Glacier, and to the East, spectacular views into the North Cascades National Park. Navigating the Sulphide Glacier, climbers ascend 2,500’ to the base of the summit block and either ascend the 4th class South Gully or climb the exhilarating exposed 5.5 SE-Ridge for 600’. Either option is approachable to the budding alpine-climber! 

The Sulphide Glacier and summit pyramid options (South Gully, SE-Ridge), offer pinnacle mountaineering and intro to alpine climbing terrain. Classic is movement and terrain covered; the views only best these routes and surrounding Salish Sea and N. Cascades. See the detailed course descriptions below for the itinerary, gear, etc.


Application for both courses are here

Please Note:  Considering this is a guided course, CoC is opening it as a non-affinity program. Have a friend, ally, or family member who doesn't identify as POC - invite them as well


Contact for more details regarding the non-affinity status. 


Shéqsan (Mt. Shuksan)


- Overnight camping experience
- Familiar with LNT practices and principles
- We encourage familiarity with lead belaying, rappelling, and setting up an extended rappel, though these will be skills reviewed during both courses

Dates & Routes

- Aug 31- Sep 4, 2023 (Sulphide Glacier route)


Sliding scale: $1,600 - $2,000

Note: There is one 50% & one 100% scholarship for the Fisher Chimney & Sulphide Glacier climbs. 

Course Itinerary and Gear List

Questions? Email
This course is operated by Miyar Adventures and will be subject to Miyar's cancellation policies
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