Mountaineering Leadership II // 2020

This four-day workshop is a preparatory course to prepare leaders and team members for expeditions on PNW volcanoes such as Tahoma (Mt. Rainier) and Koma Kulshan (Mt. Baker). The course will take place on the slopes of Koma Kulshan and will cover expedition camping, glacier travel, glacier rescue, and group management on glaciated terrain. There will be three days of instruction and one day for a summit attempt of Koma Kulshan. 
Application:  Closed
July 24-27 2020
August 1-4 2020
Tuition:  $900 - 1100 (sliding scale)
  • Belay certified at gym
  • Proficient at commonly used knots 
  • Backcountry camping, Leave No Trace 
Itinerary (PDF)

Day 1 - Seattle to Koma Kulshan Basecamp

Day 2 - Snow School

Day 3 - Learn Crevasse Rescue

Day 4 - Summit Attempt 

Gear List (PDF)

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