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Ascending for Photography 

Ascending and fixed line rigging are used extensively for photographing at height. This course focuses on how to set-up and photograph from a fixed line. It is geared toward people who are already comfortable with using their camera, but want to start taking top down photos of rock climbing. No prior rock climbing experience necessary, but preferred. Be ready to photograph real climbers on day 2!

Want to photograph your friends? We are looking for climber volunteers for the session.  
Have them fill out this form to be considered.




Day 1: The Seattle Mountaineers

Day 2: TBD (Exit 38 or 32)


- No climbing experience required, but preferred

- Knows how to use their camera on auto setting


- July 16-17, 2022 (Sat 5-9pm, Sun 8am-6pm) FULL - Waitlist open

- August 20-21, 2022 (Sat 5-9pm, Sun 8am-6pm) FULL - Waitlist open


$180 - 220  (sliding scale, scholarships available)

Syllabus & Gear List

Questions? Email

We partner with Miyar Adventures to run our programs, therefore we follow Miyar Adventures cancellation policies
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