Intermediate Bouldering // 2021

Intermediate Outdoor Bouldering is for the climber who is familiar with outdoor bouldering and wants to take their pebble wrestling further. This class will consist of one full day: the first half of instruction and the second half free bouldering time together. Class will be in Leavenworth, WA and specific instructions for meeting details will be sent out closer to the class date. Forestland most likely.
Application:  OPEN

Dates:  ​Aug 14th Sat 8am-2pm

Location: Leavenworth, WA

Tuition:  $180 - 220 (sliding scale, scholarships available)


  • You have taken Intro to Outdoor Bouldering with CoC, an equivalent course, or have had prior outdoor experience.

  • Consistently climb for 1- 2 years with some outdoor experience.

  • No current lower leg injuries.

Meet the Instructors

123_1 2.jpeg

Mercedes Pollmeier


Keith Murakata

Student Equipment:
  • One Crash pad (may be a rental)

  • Rock climbing shoes

  • Chalk

  • WAG bags (waste and garbage)

  • Resistance Band for warming up

Additional Info:
  • Course will be capped at 6 participants.

  • 15ft or more is considered a highball and will not be allowed in this class. We don't climb higher than 12ft.

    We will have at least 2 pads per boulder problem at all times, when space allows. Participants are required to bring one crash pad each.

    There will be a minimum 2 spotters per active climber.

  • Instructor has the power to veto any climb a participant wants to climb.

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