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Mountaineering Leadership 1  (5 days)  

​This four-day workshop covers the most skills of all of our program to date: Trip planning, mountain navigation, backpack camping, basic snow and glacier skills.

Individuals who already have mountaineering experience can expect to further develop their navigation, teaching and leadership skills as each day and each skill will have a participant lead segment.  Skills learned will help you to climb easy-to-moderate mountaineering objectives like Ellinor, Adams, and Shasta.



$925 - 1300 (sliding scale, scholarships available)

NOTE: Scholarship applications are due April 1st

Additional Course Info

Dates & Location

June 22-26, 2023 (Dahkobed/Glacier Peak)


Backpacking experience of >1 night
Questions? Email
This course is operated by Miyar Adventures and will be subject to Miyar's cancellation policies
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