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Mount Olympus

Standing at the heart of Olympic National Park, Sun-a-do is one of the most remote peaks in the state, its prominent summit block guarded by miles and miles of lush rainforest and sprawling glacier. Even reaching a point where you can catch a glimpse of the mountain and the surrounding peaks is no small feat, but the rugged beauty of this solitary part of the range is worth the effort. 


Our team will spend the first couple of days making the 17-mile trek through the dramatic Hoh Rainforest, enjoying the towering old growth cedar, spruce, and fir trees lining the trail as we work our way up to our basecamp at Glacier Meadows. Summit day will find us navigating the expansive Blue Glacier, weaving around crevasses and up sections of steep snow to the base of the 80 ft summit block, where we'll ascend low 5th class rock to the highest point of the Olympic Mountains.



$1650 - 2200 (sliding scale, scholarships available)

NOTE: Scholarship applications are due by March 10th


  • Belay certified at gym
  • Proficient at commonly used knots
  • Backpacking experience of >1 night, Leave No Trace
  • Lead belaying, rappelling, and setting up an extended rappel, though these will be skills reviewed during the climb


May 31-June 4, 2024


Sun-a-do (Mount Olympus)

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