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Intro to Multipitch

Have you ever wanted to climb higher? How did those climbers get so far up that wall? Take our Intro to Multi Pitch Climbing to find out! Multi pitch climbing allows higher climbing that exceeds the length of your rope by going up one "pitch" at a time, stopping at belay anchors in between. You will have the option to focus on trad or sport multi pitch.

We will review belay anchors, learn how to belay a partner up after your lead climb, rope management, descend multiple pitches via rappel, and learn essential rescue skills when at height. This class will consist of two full days of instruction: one day at the Seattle Mountianeers and the second at Exit 38. Day one will focus on ground school learning essentials of belaying, transition, and rescue with an optional climb if time allows. Day two will be applying those skills to climbs.

There is a maximum of 2 students per instructor. Spots will go fast, sign up soon!




The Seattle Mountaineers and Exit 38


- Introduction to Sport Leading course from CoC
- Able to top rope a 5.9 sport climb
- Familiar with rappelling (supervised or unsupervised)


- Introduction to Trad Climbing class taken from Climbers of Color
- Able to top rope a 5.6 trad climb
- Familiar with rappelling (supervised or unsupervised)


- Able to top rope 5.9 sport and/or 5.6 trad
- Know how to use a belay device for lead belaying (Grigri or tube style device)
- Knows how to tie oneself in to the rope for climbing
- Familiar with rappelling (supervised or unsupervised)
- Can perform safety checks before climbing
- Familiar with various anchor systems


- June 10-11, 2023

- September 2-3, 2023


$360 - 400 (sliding scale, scholarships available)

Syllabus & Gear List

Questions? Email
This course is operated by Miyar Adventures and will be subject to Miyar's cancellation policies
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