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Flash Clinic: Re-bolting with the Washington Climbers Coalition

Flash clinics are 3-4 hour workshops focusing on one climbing topic or skill.

The Washington Climbers Coalition in conjunction with Climbers of Color is offering a BIPOC Ground School: a two-part  introductory course offered to individuals interested in replacing aging fixed hardware on outdoor sport climbing routes. These skills can also be used to bolt new routes; for a holistic look at route development, take our Crag Development and Guidebooks course in the same morning.


Classes are generally 3 hours in length. However, each class is unique so the actual duration will depend on the amount of discussion during the presentation period and the amount of time required for students to gain proficiency with the bolt removal process and replacement skills.


Students who successfully complete this class can be put on an emailing list for POC outdoor work parties to replace hardware locally on climbs. With enough experience after a while they can apply for a Hardware Replacement Grant through the Washington Anchor Replacement Project to replace hardware solo.



The Seattle Mountaineers




Saturday May 11 2pm - 5pm



Syllabus & Gear List

*Power drills will be utilized in this class. If you would like extra time to familiarize yourself with the drill, confirm this with Climbers of Color and an instructor will show up early to assist you 

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