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Touring Leadership 1

Touring Leadership 1 (TL1), the first intro to winter-touring from Climbers of Color focuses on equipping leaders with skills and procedures to explore and ride terrain where they seek it. 
Whether on the southern flank of Takhoma or deep in old-growth forest in Snoqualmie Territory, the topics TL1 will cover include (but not limited to):
  • Building a touring group
  • Intro to NWAC or your local avalanche center
  • Tour planning, route finding & navigation
  • Intro to mountain weather forecasts and avalanche forecasts
  • Setting safe and efficient skin-tracks
  • Companion Rescue scenarios and beacon FAQs
  • Gear selection considerations and much more

Participants who sign up for this course will likely have different background knowledge on these skillsets and our goal will be to leave with the same understanding and competencies, as a group, together.



$375 - 475  (sliding scale, 50% scholarships available)


- Be able to safely descend black-diamond terrain in variable conditions (pow, ice, crust, etc.)

- Alpine-touring compatible gear (see gear list)

- Hike 4000’ ft over 7 hours w/ 20lb pack

Dates & Locations

January 4th, 6/7 Snoqualmie Pass

Additional Course Info

Questions? Email
This course is operated by Miyar Adventures and will be subject to Miyar's cancellation policies

This is not an AIARE Level 1/Companion Rescue course. The focus of TL1 is to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills in the backcountry alongside becoming a competent team member and backcountry leader. Although aspects of backcountry travel/snow safety and awareness will be covered, by no means does this course cover the material an AIARE Level 1 or a Companion Rescue course provide. We at Climbers of Color encourage you to seek a dedicated avalanche course like those prior to TL1 to properly help further your leadership skills in the backcountry. 

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