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Cracknique: an introduction to the art of crack climbing techniques. This can include hand jams, fist jams, and foot placement while ascending a crack. Take this in conjunction with our Intro to Trad Leading for a well rounded intro to traditional climbing.



  • Index, WA


  • Knows how to tie oneself in to the rope for climbing

  • Uses a belay device properly for toprope belaying


  • Sunday July 14 ** (Queer, Trans POC Affinity Space) Please note that this space is exclusively for self-identifying queer and trans people of color, and is a space centering trans-inclusivity. If you have any questions about this course and/or if it is the right course for you, please reach out!

  • Sunday July 21

  • Sunday August 11


  • $160 - $200 at a sliding fee scale with some scholarships available.

Syllabus & Gear List

Questions? Email

We partner with Miyar Adventures to run our programs, therefore we follow Miyar Adventures cancellation policies
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